Tax Services:

If you have prepared your own return, you know that whether you do it manually by studying IRS publications and instructions or by use of commercial software, it still requires that you acquire an understanding of how various items of income and expense are treated by the tax laws and which forms are required to report these items.

The On Line Accountant system allows you to realize the efficiency of computerized tax return preparation, but also utilize the knowledge and experience of a CPA with over 30 years experience. You are involved in the process and have the opportunity to review a summary of the return for completeness and accuracy before the return is finalized. You complete your taxes at your convenience without the need for scheduling an appointment and going to a preparer's office.

The procedure is simple and efficient:

For information on the cost of tax preparation, see Price List . CPA expertise for commercial tax preparation service prices.

Client Prepared Option:  If you prefer to prepare your own return, using consumer tax preparation software such as Turbotax®. but would still like to have your return reviewed by a CPA for accuracy and completeness, you can attach your data file(s) to an Email to Jack Burson, CPA ( jack@jdbcpa.com ).
For 25% of my Standard Fees, I will review your return and email my comments and/or suggestions to you.  (If you have questions about how specific items are handled, include those questions in your email.)  NOTE:  When using this service, taxpayer acknowledges that he/she retains the right to make all final decisions on the return, and as such is fully responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the tax return filed.

Audit "Insurance" - Each year the IRS selects certain tax returns to examine. Some returns are selected based on specific items on the return that fall outside IRS statistical "norms" or guidelines and some are just selected at random. If your return is selected, you face not only the inconvenience of a tax audit, but you may also incur considerable expense even if the audit reveals no change is necessary to the return as filed. If you elect to have someone represent you (a CPA, Enrolled Agent or an Attorney), the fee is normally based on an hourly rate. Over the 20+ years I have been in practice, the time I have spent representing clients for a tax audit has ranged from 5 to 50+ hours, with an average being 10 - 12 hours.

As a service to my clients, for a flat fee of $45 paid when I prepare your tax return, I will represent you if your return is later selected for audit by federal or state taxing authorities at no additional charge. This offer covers only my time and does not include any out of pocket expense, additional taxes, interest or penalties that may result from the examination. If you have questions, please feel free to call.