Outsourcing and On-line accounting services frequently asked questions

• How do on-line accounting services work?
On-line accounting is simple! Your company (usually the receptionist or administrative person) faxes or emails a copy of your source documents to us. Your data is then processed using QuickBooks® (or another accounting program). Because the data files are located online, you can also access your data anytime, anywhere through the Internet! You can print checks to your local printer, make changes to your data, and print reports. Your accounting data is secure and safe with the use of secure socket layer (SSL) technology, firewalls and password protection.

Alternatively, by the use of GoToMyPC, the data files can remain on your local computer or network & are still accessible to to me for processing.

• How do we make the switch to on-line accounting with Jack Burson, CPA?
Click Here for a custom quote/estimate based on your volume /needs. You can also call me 303-499-4865 and for a preliminary quote over the phone. I will then go over your company's specific needs for each accounting cycle. Next, I request a copy of your accounting data file to to review so I can determine the exact monthly price. Upon signing an Engagement Letter to document your and my understanding of the services to be performed, we get to work! By the way, all work is 100% guaranteed to your complete satisfaction. If it's not, I'll either make it right, or you don't pay, it's that simple!

• How does on-line accounting benefit our company?
The efficiency of on-line accounting services means that companies no longer need a back-office bookkeeper/accountant working at their location. This frees up space in your office, and saves you money, so that a cost center (accounting) turns into a profit center (another salesperson, production person, etc.). You no longer have to worry about training and maintaining your accounting staff. Also, if you are used to a part time person who is only available at certain times, you will now have access to your accountant during all normal business hours. Finally, since I do not print checks for you (done in your office) or make deposits, you have an added layer of protection in that cash is handled in your office, but all the record keeping of cash receipts and disbursements is handled by an outside source.

Another important benefit to you is that you will be able to access your accounting records anytime from any location in the world through the Internet!

What will it cost? Probably less then the amount you are spending now. We are replacing an employee in your company so we're going to charge you less than your current payroll for that staff person. You will be able to save hiring and training cost. You will no longer have to pay for rent, phone lines or benefits. You will NOT have to manage the bookkeeper.

An in-house bookkeeper typically costs the average business about $2,500 per month in gross salary. Add to that the taxes, insurance and other overhead items - coming up to roughly $48,000 per year. This estimate represents payroll and associated costs only, and does not include the investment in hiring, training and management.

Personnel Labor Cost
Associated Overhead

  Total Monthly (with overhead)

• Taxes @ 20%
• Overhead @ 20%
• Insurance @ 20%
• Total Monthly Cost
$ 500    
$ 500    
$ 500    
  Annual Cost
Annual Cost

Outsourcing with Jack Burson, CPA can save you thousands! Current Outsourcing clients pay as little as $400/month!

• How secure is it?
All of your data is backed up daily. You also have the option of backing up your data to your computers for added protection. The data is transferred via state-of-the-art processing that uses 128-bit encryption software, so it would be impossible for anyone to decipher any data while being transferred on-line. In fact, because of all of the built-in safeguards, your data is safer than what it currently is!

Right now if you are like many small businesses, your accounting records are in an unsecured file cabinet or worse yet, sitting right on someone’s desk. You already have bad security. The system uses the same level of encryption that your ATM machine uses. For the first time you can be assured that you and only you or your designees are privy to your most important data.

• What if we want to keep our records in-house, can we do that? Yes, by the use of GoToMyPC, the data files can remain on your local computer or network & are still accessible to to me for processing. You continue to back up your data to your in-house computers.

What about control, won’t I loose control if the books are done by an outside service? Turns out that most of us are out of control right now with inaccurate accounting data, or staff that leave.

I want to decide who and when we pay bills. You will!  You will have complete control as if the data files reside in your office, but with far less of the normal hassle involved.

Do I have to leave my current accountant or CPA? Of course not. We are offering to take away your bookkeeping headaches. Your current accountant or CPA will be grateful for accurate data that they can really use to help you build more wealth.  Of course, if you need additional CPA services as part of the package, those can be quoted as well.

Your company can switch to Jack Burson, CPA and get my 30+ years of experience - a level of expertise not normally available at a small or medium sized business. I'm only a phone call, fax, or email away to provide up-to-date accurate service. On-line accounting is cost efficient as well. You get an experienced CPA for similar cost or less than what it would normally cost to hire one in-house bookkeeper. Plain and simply, we offer a higher quality of accounting/bookkeeping -make it easy by being on-line - and it's cost effective.

• Is there specific accounting software we have to use?
No, our system is compatible with all accounting software systems. There is no need for a conversion to begin utilizing my services. For example, you can use QuickBooks, Peachtree, MYOB, NetLedger, ACCPAC, and others.