Accounting Data Entry Forms

The responses from the forms on this page are emailed to Jack Burson, CPA. While the chance that anyone could or would intercept and read them is extremely remote, it is possible. If confidentiality of this type of information is important to you we have provided a "Secure Version" of these froms which stores your responses on a secure server accessible only to Jack Burson, CPA.

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Accrual Basis

Accrual basis financial statements recognize income when earned, even if payment has not been received. Expenses are recognized when incurred, regardless of when actually paid. Accrual basis financial statements are a more accurate representation of the financial condition and results of operations for a business than are those prepared under the cash receipts and disbursements method.

Accrual basis is required when inventories are maintained.


Attach Data Files

You can submit an EMail and attach the data file(s) from your accounting program such as Quicken®, Quickbooks®, or Peachtree Accounting® to the Email.

These data files can be used to provide data for compiled or reviewed financial statements or preparation of journal entries. For more information, call or email your request.